Full Consent

What should I know about this research?

Research clinics in your area are participating in the Victorion-Inception cholesterol lowering study involving Inclisiran plus usual care versus usual care (alone); open-label and are currently accepting patient referrals.

Who is eligible to participate in this research?

  • Patients that are male or female and older than 18 years of age.
  • Must have been hospitalized in the last 5 weeks for an acute cardiac event defined by an abnormal EKG.
  • Able to give informed consent and comply with study procedures if eligible for the study.
  • Receiving treatment with a statin (cholesterol lowering).
  • Been told that you have severe heart failure.
  • Being treated with any investigational product or monoclonal antibodies.

What happens if I agree to refer a patient to participate?

You agree to complete a questionnaire and then be contacted by a Clinic Liaison, if necessary, to further qualify your patient for this program.

Rights Regarding Participation:

Participation is completely voluntary. Your patient may choose to leave the program at any time for any reason. If you have any questions, please email support@lineatrials.com and a clinic liaison will return your call shortly.


To consider your patient for this program, the project staff must collect, use, and share personal information about your patient, including their health information and information that can identify them. Information will be collected to determine their eligibility. We take every precaution to protect their identity and ensure their privacy.

  • Benefits: Participation in this program may help your patient improve their health.
  • Risks: We do not anticipate any risks by your patient by participating in this program.

What information will be collected and shared?

Full name, date of birth, email, phone number, address, dependent status, clinical condition, race/ethnicity, applied date, accepted date, rejection date, rejection reason, account set up date, enrolled date, account disabled date, Body Mass Index and Medical History.

With whom will your information be shared?

LINEA  System, LLC, and participating research clinics.

For what purpose will your information be shared?

To provide our research partners with the most up to date information on your patients interest in participating, acceptance, appointment dates and medical history to further prequalify your patient as a candidate for participation. You do not have to give this permission. If you decide not to give this permission, you will not be contacted by a clinic liaison.

By clicking NEXT, you have agreed to the following:

  • You have read and understood the information in this document,
  • You are willing to share your contact information with LINEA System, LLC, and participating research clinics.
  • You agree to be contacted by a clinic liaison.